This depends on your situation.  A consultation and assessment are needed to determine what options if any are available to you.

Yes, in fact there are many visas that need to be applied for when you are overseas.  We can assist overseas clients with the entire application coordinated and managed offshore.  Our secure client portal allows us to communicate with you in a way that ensures your documents are transferred securely.

An online consultation with a Registered Migration Agent is our preferred method of providing this service.  It offers the same service as a face to face meeting and is more convenient when a client is in a different time zone.

We are also able to meet you face to face near our home office.


There are no set fees for using a registered migration agent.  Professional fees vary depending on your circumstances and the type of visa application.  Destination Oz Migration offers a competitive professional fee, which will be discussed during our initial consultation.

The visa application charge is set by the Department of Home Affairs and varies with the visa type.  The visa application charge will be discussed with you during our initial consultation.

In Australia, migration agents must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (Office of the MARA) unless they are exempt.  If you use a migration agent, you are strongly encouraged to use a registered agent.  Registered Migration Agents are skilled people who are qualified to help with visa applications for Australia.  They must meet professional standards and follow the Code of Conduct.  Please watch this short video for further information.

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