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Skilled Work

Australia is a great place to live and work, offering lifestyle and employment opportunities. To work in Australia, you must have a valid visa with work rights. The skilled migration program is designed to attract qualified and experienced professionals to fill occupations in demand. A range of temporary and permanent skilled visas are available.





If you have close family who are Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens, you may be eligible under one of the family visa programs.  A family member must be willing to sponsor you and that sponsorship must be approved.  Visas in the family stream include: carer, parent, child / adoption, aged dependent relative, last remaining relative.

Note: except partner and dependent child, the number of all other family visas granted are frequently capped. This has resulted in long waiting periods for these family visas.



The student visa allows you to stay in Australia to study full-time in a recognised educational institution. ​ Eligible family members can accompany you to Australia.  Before you apply for this visa you must have been accepted to study full-time and have a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

To be granted a student visa, prospective students must meet requirements relating to their financial capacity, English language proficiency, genuine temporary entrant and have health insurance.

Overseas Students in Australia


Tourist Visa Australia


There are different visa options if you wish to visit Australia. These options depend on your intended duration of stay and on the purpose of your visit. For example: for holiday, to visit family, business visitor activities, working holiday or to receive medical treatment.

Each visa type has different eligibility criteria, contact Destination Oz Migration for a solution to your visa needs.

Partner visas make up the main part of the family migration stream.  They allow married spouses or de facto partners of Australian citizens, permanent residents or Eligible New Zealand citizens (ENZC) to travel to Australia and/or to remain in Australia with their partner. Partner visas are processed in two stages but the provisional (temporary) visa, and the permanent visa applications must be applied for at the same time.

Partner visa types

Whether you are onshore or offshore there is a visa option for you:



Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300)

Sometimes called a fiancé visa, this visa lets you come to Australia to marry. Your fiancé must sponsor you to for the visa application. This visa is valid for 9 months during which you have full work and study rights. After you have married your sponsor, application can be made for subclass 820/801 visa.




Partner visa (subclass 820/801)

This visa is applied for while you are onshore (in Australia). The Partner (temporary) visa subclass 820 takes about 22 months to process. On application you are automatically given a Bridging visa, usually with full work and study rights to remain in Australia during processing.

Provided you remain in a genuine on-going relationship with your sponsor, the Partner (permanent) visa subclass 801 will be granted around 2 years after application.




Partner visa (subclass 309/100)

Subclass 309/100 visa is applied for while you are offshore (outside Australia). The Partner (temporary) visa subclass 309 takes about 12 months to process. You may apply for a Visitor visa during processing but must be offshore at the time of Partner (temporary) visa grant.

Provided you remain in a genuine on-going relationship with your sponsor, the Partner (permanent) visa subclass 100 will be granted around 2 years after application


Evidence of the relationship

An application for a Partner visa must be supported with evidence for each of the following four aspects of your relationship:

  1. Financial aspects such as joint ownership of real estate, joint liabilities, pooling of resources and sharing household expenses. This can be shown in a number of ways such as having a joint bank account or transferring money to each other or sharing the payment of bills.

  2. Nature of the household which includes evidence that you live together. If you have children show you share this responsibility.

  3. Social aspects such as your friends and family see you as a couple and do activities socially as a couple. This is usually the easiest aspect to demonstrate, with Facebook and other social network sites.

  4. Nature of your commitment to each other including the duration of the relationship and plans for the future.


Other factors you should be aware of are:

If you have a spouse, your marriage must be valid under Australian law. If you have a de facto partner, you must have been in this relationship for at least 12 months. This is not required if your relationship is registered. In Australia marriages or de facto relationships can be of the opposite sex or the same sex. Both applicant and sponsor must be 18 years of age or older.


Breakdown of the relationship

Normally a couple will have to establish that their relationship is on-going and genuine when the permanent visa application is considered. There are some special provisions where the relationship has broken down after the temporary visa has been granted. A subclass 801 or subclass 100 visa can be granted if the relationship has broken down due to the death of the sponsor, there has been family violence committed by the sponsor, or there is a child of the relationship and the applicant has custody, joint custody or formal maintenance obligations in relation to the child of the relationship.


Our fixed-price professional fees for Partner visas start from $3,300 (incl GST). To determine your eligibility for a Partner visa, discuss your options or start the application process contact Destination Oz Migration today.


Most skilled work visas require a positive skills assessment before a visa application can be lodged. It is a process of assessing you have the skills, work experience and qualifications for your nominated occupation. The occupation you nominate must be the relevant skilled occupation list.

The criteria used by the assessing authority in the skills assessment is determined by the relevant Australian professional standard. It is important to lodge an application supported with the correct documents.

Start your application for a positive skills assessment by contacting Destination Oz Migration.

Some visa types require a sponsor to support an application.  Formal sponsorship by a sponsor may be required to ensure the visa holder will abide by their visa conditions.  A security bond may be imposed on a case-by-case basis.

You may be an employee who wishes to make a nomination to identify an occupation in an approved business that will be filled by a skilled worker from outside Australia.

To determine your eligibility, discuss your obligations or start the application process contact Destination Oz Migration.

There are several pathways to be eligible for Australian Citizenship:

  1. By descent – if you were born outside Australia and at least one parent was an Australian citizen at the time of your birth.  You might also be eligible if one of your parents was an Australian citizen before you were born.  That parent must have lost their Australian citizenship by acquiring citizenship of another country as an adult.

  2. By conferral – if you are a permanent resident of Australia and satisfy general, character and residence requirements.  You may also need to successfully complete a citizenship test.

  3. By resuming citizenship – if you lost your Australian citizenship when you acquired the citizenship of another country, or renounced (gave up) your Australian citizenship.


If you need assistance applying for your Australian Citizenship or to determine your eligibility contact Destination Oz Migration.


If you have migration matters you want to discuss with a Registered Migration Agent, Destination Oz Migration offers a consultation service.  Have you overstayed your visa?  Has there been a change in your circumstances?  Have you breached the conditions of your visa?  Consultation is generally by phone or Skype appointment.  If you prefer a face to face meeting can also be arranged in Byron Bay, Murwillumbah, Tweed Heads or on the Gold Coast.

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